MonsterMe is a simple 2D game made using Processing.js and written for my two granddaughters, ages 2 and 4. I've tried to create interaction using sounds and images that are commensurate with the maturity level of a toddler. This game will provide enriching interactive, manipulative, visual and audio experiences. I based my game on sketches from (especially Sketch 145899), the "Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps" class exercises, and other examples I found at and other sources referenced in my code documentation. Except for the background music, I selected the sounds and images at free download sites or in the public domain and manipulated them (cropped, spliced, joined, etc.) as needed to produce this enrichment experience for the children. Since this game is only for my granddaughters and not to be sold, I downloaded the Sesame Street video "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" and used the audio for my game. I've tested it on a number of devices, but my "stuff" is old. It runs correctly with sound on my iMac using Safari, but has audio and memory problems with Chrome and Firefox. Windows 7 laptops (32- and 64-bit) and an older iPad, iPhone, and Android tablet load and attempt to run the game, but do not have sufficient resources. I will improve memory management using preloads, smaller images, etc. before I implement additional features such as adding multiple cupcake and cookie images, providing more game levels (Easy, Medium, Advanced), adding verbal instructions, and displaying game scores for comparison by level and attempted tries. Thank you for reviewing my game!